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ColourBond Fencing

Posted on: August 26th, 2015 by n3tB1z


If you have grown tired of your ageing fences or just want to have a major make-over then consider Adelaide Northern Fencing.

Our Adelaide Northern Fencing specialists will provide you with superior quality fences that will last a long time.

And if you need to bring back vibrancy to your rusty old fences then what you need is colour bonded fences.



ColourBond Fencing by Adelaide Northern Fencing is your total fencing solutions that provide security to your property and colour to your fencing needs.

Having ColourBond Fencing increases your property’s value and aesthetics making it more attractive to look at and more admirable compared to others.

You will receive value for money with Adelaide Northern Fencing and we will assure you that your ColourBond Fencing requirements are met to the fullest.



Our friendly fencing specialists will be more than happy to serve your needs anytime. Just phone in your enquiries at (08) 8284 1939 or send us an email to and let Adelaide Northern Fencing do the rest.

Thank you for choosing Adelaide Northern Fencing as your fencing and property security specialists.

Importance of Fences and Gates

Posted on: August 26th, 2015 by n3tB1z


When you purchased your home or had your commercial property erected, the first thing you prioritized was security.

You took importance of fences and gates in safekeeping your property and made sure that its gates and/or fences would stand up to the elements and deter wrongdoers and trespassers from violating your hard-earned investment.



Adelaide Northern Fencing will stand guard on your fencing and gating needs. Our specialists and technicians will deliver superlative fencing solutions so that you can continue with your activities within the safety of your property.

Our highly trained and skilled fencing personnel will guide you through the process of how your gates and fences will be erected. They will provide you with designs you can choose from or can even have them customise one to your liking.

No fencing and/or gating task is too big or too small for Adelaide Quality Fencing most especially when it comes to safeguarding your life and your assets.



We will never leave you wanting for security and safety. Adelaide Northern Fencing will make sure that your fences and gates are up to industry standards of uncompromised service and performance.

Phone us today at (08) 8284 1939 or send e-mail to for service quotes.

Fabricated Tubular Fencing

Posted on: August 26th, 2015 by n3tB1z


Tubular fencing is considered special type of fencing because of its “homey” look. Normally, we only see tubular fencing adorning mansions and large estates so that passers-by could have a peek of what is behind the gates and/or fences.


TUBULAR FENCING BY Adelaide Northern Fencing

We at Adelaide Northern Fencing will provide you with professionally crafted tubular fences and/or gates. While we look after your gates’ and/or fences’ aesthetics, we also give high importance to your safety while within your propery.

Our fabricated tubular fencing design is made in accordance to industry standards and even crafted better by our own fabrication process that adds more robustness and strength to your steel guards.

Our seasoned fence and gate specialists employ high quality materials in the crafting of your gates and/or fences ensuring them to service your security requirements for a longer period of time.



Our courteous fencing and gating service representatives are ready to accommodate any of your enquiries and/or concerns.

Just dial (08) 8284 1939 or write to for more information.

Thank you for choosing Adelaide Northern Fencing!