ColourBond Fencing


If you have grown tired of your ageing fences or just want to have a major make-over then consider Adelaide Northern Fencing.

Our Adelaide Northern Fencing specialists will provide you with superior quality fences that will last a long time.

And if you need to bring back vibrancy to your rusty old fences then what you need is colour bonded fences.



ColourBond Fencing by Adelaide Northern Fencing is your total fencing solutions that provide security to your property and colour to your fencing needs.

Having ColourBond Fencing increases your property’s value and aesthetics making it more attractive to look at and more admirable compared to others.

You will receive value for money with Adelaide Northern Fencing and we will assure you that your ColourBond Fencing requirements are met to the fullest.



Our friendly fencing specialists will be more than happy to serve your needs anytime. Just phone in your enquiries at (08) 8284 1939 or send us an email to and let Adelaide Northern Fencing do the rest.

Thank you for choosing Adelaide Northern Fencing as your fencing and property security specialists.

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